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8/15/15, 1:18 PM(1) What happens if I do not tip my waiter in the U.S.? - QuoraPage 1 of 16http://www.quora.com/What-happens-if-I-do-not-tip-my-waiter-in-the-U-STippingAmerican Culture,Habits, andBehaviorManners andEtiquetteThe United States ofAmericaEdit Topics49,88323QUESTION STATSViewsFollowersEdits23 FOLLOWERSLast asked: 3h agoQUESTION TOPICSComment Share 2 Downvote49 AnswersWhat happens if I do not tip my waiter in the U.S.?If I don't come back to that place as a tourist, of course.RELATED QUESTIONSTipping: I once gave a tip at a small,family-run restaurant meant only for thewaiter. But instead, she took to it herfather, who...Restaurant Etiquette: How much shouldyou tip your waiter if the owner compsyou your entire meal/bill?2013 U.S. Federal GovernmentShutdown: What would happen ifCongress was never able to pass abudget?U.S. Congress: What is the most bizarrething to happen on either the House orSenate floor?If your waiter changes shifts with anotherwaiter while you're dining, w...