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Volume 7, November 2019 ISSN 2581-5504 www.penacclaims.com Page 1 “Artificial Intelligence and Law” Adarsh G Hegde Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore. ABSTRACT Artificial intelligence is not a newly developed concept. It has been mentioned in Science Fictions initially, however slowly it is moving on to become a reality. In the year 1997, the Deep Blue which was IBM’s supercomputer beat the then World Chess Champion, Garry Kaspoarov. With the growing age of technology, there is a need for precision and cost effective work and artificial intelligence attempts to solve that. However, there are various issues regarding artificial intelligence especially in terms of legal personality, patents and copyrights. This paper examines artificial intelligence in the legal sector and medical sector and how it is a boon and bane in the society. Key terms: Artificial intelligence, Intellectual Property Rights, Medicine RESEARCH METHODOLGY: There are mainly two methods of collecting data ...