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403-200 Catherine Street • Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2K9 t. 613-234-6533 • f.613-234-7197 • www.aicanada.ca Professional Excellence Bulletin [CP-12-E] June 1994 "As If Complete" Appraisals Appraisal Institute Regulations require that three dates appear within an appraisal report. The one of least importance in this instance is the date the report is signed. Of more significance are the Date of the Report, which sets out the date from which the appraiser is observing the property market, and the Effective Date of the Appraisal, which sets out the date on which the value is based. For most appraisal assignments, where the date of the report is reasonably contemporaneous with the effective date, the distinction is not necessarily relevant. The date difference obviously achieves more importance in retrospective appraisals that are required for assessment matters, estate settlement, expropriation, etc. But, as the appraiser is looking back with hindsight, such assignments should theoretically pos...