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1 This PRE-PUBLICATION version combines the paper ‘Compelling Intertextualities Between Samuel Beckett’s All That Fall and Martin McDonagh’s Six Shooter’, which was delivered at University College Dublin on 13 July 2012 during the Samuel Beckett and the “State” of Ireland II conference, and the lecture ‘The Life and Theatre of Martin McDonagh’, which was delivered at the Cairnes Theatre at NUI Galway on 21 March 2013. For the ‘official’, published version of this essay, please see Irish University Review 45.2 (Autumn 2015): 335-351. ‘The Intertextual Presence of Samuel Beckett’s All That Fall in Martin McDonagh’s Six Shooter’ By Dr. David Clare As many critics have pointed out, Martin McDonagh’s work for the stage and screen is deeply indebted to the drama of Samuel Beckett. Critics have detected clear allusions to Endgame (1957), Footfalls (1976), and Rockaby (1980) in McDonagh’s stage plays,1 and have noted that McDonagh alludes to Waiting for Godot (1953) in a number of works.2 Prom...