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RJC STANDARDS GUIDANCE155(COP 28) GRADING AND APPRAISALA,MÅVQ\QWV[IVLIXXTQKIJQTQ\aDiamond Grading is classifying a diamond’s characteristics, in terms of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.Diamond grading is a process of classification of characteristics of gemstones, which can be carried out in independent laboratories or in-house. While a diamond can be weighed accurately and given an exact carat value, eg 1.17cts, the cut, colour and clarity of a diamond are classified and reported within a range. For example, an E colour diamond is one that is better than F but worse than D; similarly a VS1 clarity is better than VS2 but worse than VVS2. Standards and methodologies for diamond grading, and information contained in grading reports or certificates, vary depending on the laboratory. A Diamond Grading Report is a report on the grading of a Diamond’s physical characteristics, usually in terms of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. If an opinion on monetary value is included in a D...