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© Emily Umberger, 2010arara - No.8, 2010 1Montezuma's Throne1Emily UmbergerArizona State UniversityHistorical approaches to Mesoamerican monuments began in the early sixtieswith several important articles on Maya monuments by Heinrich Berlin (1958),Tatiana Proskouriakoff (1960, 1961, 1963-64), and David Kelley (1962).Proskouriakoff, in particular, was the first to suggest that the figures on thesesculptures are kings and other historical personages, rather than priests or godsas previously supposed, and that sections of the hieroglyphic inscriptions includenames and records of historical events. Since that time the dynastic histories ofa number of important sites have been unraveled and investigators are nowexamining monumental sculptures from other areas for dynastic and historicalcontent.In Central Mexico, studies of Aztec sculptures began in 1790-91 with thediscovery of three great sculptures in downtown Mexico City. Throughout thenineteenth century, quantities of Aztec sculptures w...