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“Ghost in the Shell”, “Death Note”, “Gunnm”…Why Hollywood is so interested in manga LE MONDE | 3.29.2017 at 10:53am • Published 3.29.2017 at 1:57pm | by Morgane Tual Translated by Victoria Carvelli http://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2017/03/29/ghost-in-the-shell-death-note-gunnm-pourquoi-hollywood-s-interesse-tant-au-manga_5102474_4408996.html#meter_toaster The film Ghost in the Shell comes out Wednesday in France, the first of a series of Hollywood blockbusters adapted from Japanese comic books and anime. Hefty budget and generic superstar: Hollywood spared no expense to adapt Ghost in the Shell, a cult series of mangas and Japanese anime. The film, starring Scarlett Johansson, comes out Wednesday, March 29, on the big screen. And it represents a turning point in the relationship between Hollywood and manga culture: it is the first big American blockbuster adapted from this universe. And it could well be the first of a long series. Netflix has already announced the summer release of...