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This PDF can be freely shared online.The global process of thinking global literature: fromMarx’s Weltliteratur to Sarkozy’s littérature-mondeJournal of Global History, Volume 14, Issue 3JERNEJ HABJANDOI: 10.1017/S1740022819000184Published online: 21 October 2019, pp. 395-412Print publication: November 2019Read this article for freeAbstractThis article outlines the history of research in global literature as a history that is itself global. This kind of globalhistory of the theorization of global literature demands a departure from the existing accounts and their nascentgap between heated theoreticist debates and pacifying historicist anthologies. A global approach to the problematiccan bridge this gap because it considers not only what the most influential studies on global literature say, but alsowhere and when they say it. Whether these be Romantic assertions of world literature, post-war pleas forcosmopolitan literature, Cold War polemics about ‘Third World’ literature, or millenni...