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“Let Em Play God” writing prompt p. 8 What does the author mean by the phrase “letting the audience play God”? Is the plot of the movie ​Rope​ that Hitchcock describes a good example of letting the audience ‘play God’? What or why not? How does Hitchcock use the film as an illustration of his point of view? Be sure to cite textual evidence to develop your essay and support your ideas. Period 6 Response . . . In the essay “Let ‘Em Play God” by Alfred Hitchcock, he explains the ingredients for suspense in movies. The main ingredient is to ‘let the audience play God’, and by that he means that the audience knows all the secrets that the characters do not. A good example is the movie Rope because the audience knows right from the beginning who got murdered and is in the chest at the party. In paragraph 8, Hitchcock tells us, “John Dall and Farley Granger strangle a young man in the opening shot.” Another crucial ingredient is creating contrast between characters and the situation. Hitchcoc...