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Jakobson entre l'Est et l'Ouest, 1915-1939: Un épisode de l'histoire de laculture européenne. Édité par Françoise Gadet et Patrick Sériot, en colla-boration avec les Cahiers Roman Jakobson (Michigan University, Ann Arbor,USA). (= Cahiers de l'ILSL [Institut de Linguistique et des Sciences du Lan-gage de l'Université de Lausanne], 9.) Lausanne, 1997. Pp. 260.Reviewed by JOHN E. JOSEPH, University of EdinburghWho could have imagined twenty years ago, when his reputation was stillriding the structuralist crest of the 1960s to mid-1970s, with what little fan-fare the centenary of the birth of Roman Osipovich Jakobson (1896-1982)would come and go? No figure has had a greater impact on the study of lan-guage from the middle decades of this century onward. We have yet to ap-preciate the extent to which such Jakobsonian conceptions as marked andunmarked categories (dating from the start of the 1930s) and distinctive fea-tures (from later that decade) gave shape to a wholly new way of imagining...