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91 – Las Meninas Diego Velazquez. C. 1656 C.E. Oil on canvas - video at Khan Academy - “the Maids of Honor” - The royal family (Phillip IV of Spain) during a painting session in the room that belonged to the king’s deceased son that was turned into a studio for Velazquez - Velazquez had been the royal artist (and curator) and painted this towards the end of his life - Most analyzed painting of all time o Praised as “theology of painting” and “the true philosophy of the art"[ - Every person identified (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Meninas) - Baroque - Paintings on the wall are copied meticulously and were part of the families artistic holding and became part of the collection a later museum (Prado) - Earlier called other names such as “the Family” - Damaged in a fire, cut down on both sides, faded and loss of texture, partially restored (criticized) - Scientific analysis revealed that Velazquez made changes (for example the way he stands) - Debate on what he is painting and the...