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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, SPORTS & GAMINGMARCH 2022VOL. 9NEWSLETTERThe IP, Sports and Gaming Practiceis comprised of a seasoned team oflawyers and support staff. Ourservices cover the full spectrum ofintellectual property, sports andgaming laws, both contentious andnon-contentious. These includedispute resolution at all tiers ofthe courts, intellectual propertyportfolio and asset management,anti-counterfeiting programmes,brand protection and namingrights, digital contents, licensingand sponsorship of sportsventures, events broadcasting,market entry strategies, andregulatory requirements for thegaming industry.US$19.5 Million fine tobe Paid by Former‘Pirate’, Adam LackmanA SNEAK PEEK INSIDETHIS ISSUE:Apple, WiLAN settlepatent disputes withlicence agreement AMEX REVEALS ITS METAVERSE AMBITIONS IN A TRADEMARK FILINGFOR CARD-PAYMENT TECH IN VIRTUAL WORLDThe trademark application by American Express (AmEx) at the United States Patent and Trademark on 16 March2022 suggests that AmEx is consider...