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‘Mardaani 2’ is a thrilling cat and mouse chaseThe Rani Mukherji movie has a myopic view of rape and punishment for rapists• The movie holds up a mirror to our times when crimes against women are an unfortunate realityIn the last couple of years, if there is anything more frus-trating than a Rani Mukherji film, it certainly is listening to Rani Mukherji promoting it. In an interview last year – right on the heels of the #MeToo reck-oning in the country – Mukher-ji stated that women across all ages should learn martial arts to protect themselves from sexual harassment. Putting the onus on women to safeguard themselves from possible harm instead of holding men accountable for their behaviour, was the line of thought that the actress com-fortably paraded as the solu-tion to sexual violence. A year later – timed to her upcoming release, Mardaani 2, a rape-re-venge saga – the actress seems to have slightly tweaked the con-tents of her “rape-solving” kit. In an interview last week, she claim...