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International Journal of Arts and Social Science www.ijassjournal.com ISSN: 2581-7922, Volume 4 Issue 4, July-August 2021 Ilirijana Azemi Page 256 “Non-Verbal Communication in Public Appearance” Ilirijana Azemi International University of Novi Pazar, Department of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences Bujanovac, Serbia Abstract: The purpose and goal of this paper are to endure the impact of nonverbal communication for public speaking and the effect that nonverbal communication has on public speaking. For a good and quality public performance, it is necessary to clearly and precisely represent the content that the speaker wants to convey to the audience, to leave a strong influence on them and to interest them in the topic being discussed. In addition, it is very important that Govomik's non-verbal communication follows what he is talking about. The non-verbal cats that the speaker sends should be such that they send a message of security, self-confidence of the speaker, interesting to...