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“OBAMACARE”: THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT A FACTSHEET FOR SOUTH ASIANS What is the Affordable Health Care Act? Over 3.4 million South Asians live in the United States and many face challenges when it comes to health insurance. In fact, one in five South Asians lacks health insurance1 and almost half of South Asians under the age of 65 reported that they did not have consistent health care access,2 making a change in the American health care system crucial. Fortunately, the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act ("ACA"), also known as “Obamacare,” was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in 2010. The ACA makes health insurance accessible to many more Americans, expands Medicaid and provides some with financial assistance, including tax credits. Through the ACA, consumers can benefit from lower costs and extended coverage, more provider options, and new protections that hold insurance companies accountable for rate increases, prevent denial or cancellati...