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Volume III, Issue VI, August 2015 – ISSN 2321-7065www.ijellh.com 21Origin and Development of Bildungsroman Novelsin English LiteratureMr. Simhachalam Thamarana(Research Scholar)Dept. of EnglishAndhra UniversityIndiaABSTRACTFirst of all, a brief introduction to development of novel is to be given. Then the meaning ofBildungsroman novel along with the origin and development of this literary sub-genre haveto be examined. Various representative authors like Dickens, Goethe, Joyce, Mann, andChristoph Martin Wieland in addition to some female writers like Charlotte Bronte, SylviaPlath are to be presented critically. Moreover, some representative works of these authorsunder the sub-genre Bildungsroman presented critically. The representative literary workslike Great Expectations, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Sons and Lovers, InvisibleMan along with Jane Eyre, Bell Jar are to be examined in terms of their Bildungsromanelements. This paper also presents common motifs and themes like...