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“PLACES AND SPACES” MUNICIPAL WORLD ARTICLE…Gord Hume The art of bringing life to a community’s places and spaces is too often ignored by municipal leaders. Encouraging and enhancing family fun, pleasure, social interaction, public spectacles and bringing energy to streets, parks, public squares and wherever our private and public realms intersect is of growing importance to communities of all sizes. It is this vitality that is avidly sought by towns and cities that want to provide a liveable, sustainable and enjoyable quality of life to its residents. It is one of the most critical elements that separate a dynamic community from one that is boring and bleak. The reason community vitality is crucial is simple: economic prosperity. When a community offers vitality it is more likely to attract young workers, entrepreneurs, job creators and start-up companies that are often in the CRINK Economy (CReative, INnovative, Knowledge-based). These jobs and businesses are highly prized by cities ...