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August 2014Asia IP472014 Patent SurveyFEATURESany Asian countries have entered into Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreements with each other and with (XURSHDQDQG86SDWHQWRI¿FHVWRHQDEOHSDWHQWDSSOLFDWLRQVWRUHTXHVWDIDVWWUDFNH[DPLQDWLRQSURFHGXUHDWWKHFRUUHVSRQGLQJRI¿FH PPH programmes allow for patent owners to leverage Patent practitioners engaged in patent prosecution and lawmakers alike have been aiming for a global reach for patents, as highlighted by the IP5 PPH and Global PPH agreements entering into force recently. Amanda Shuai asks experts if PPH agreements are working as intended. 0DOORZDEOHFODLPVLQRQHFRXQWU\¶VSDWHQWRI¿FHWRREWDLQaccelerated prosecution of corresponding claims in another FRXQWU\¶VSDWHQWRI¿FH7KLVHQDEOHVSDWHQWRZQHUVWRREWDLQDpatentability decision in the latter patent RI¿FHPRUHTXLFNO\ZKLFKFRXOGEHessential in certain market sectors, says .HQML6XJLPXUDSUHVLGHQWRI6XJLPXUD,QWHUQDWLRQDO3DWHQW 7UDGHPDUNAttorneys in T...