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"THE DESTRUCTURED FACES", in the manner of PICASSOI create my sculpture, I paint the different pieces that I then glue together, using strongwhite glue and according to my imagination. In this way I create my own destructured face.The shapes can be glued on or under the bases, randomly according to the desired effect. Byalternating the locations, I obtain more marked reliefs on the destructured face. Allow to drywell.In the meantime, I assemble the base from the next 5 pieces:figure 1+ figure 2+ figure 3 = figure 4Snap the 3 identical strips together and then the large square shape into the 2 notches stillavailable. Finally, place the small square shape in the last notch, so that the most importantpart of the shape is at the front of the square base obtained.IMPORTANT: For a good hold of the whole, make sure that the different shapes composingthe base are pushed as low as possible into the notches.""FIESTA" in the manner of KEITH HARINGI paint and decorate my characters according to my...