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“They are us.” A research of the visual portrayal of criticism of fear for the ‘Other’ and ‘us versus them’ mentality in the film US (2019) by Amy Welten Student number 4252039 Course MA Thesis Gender Studies Supervisor & first reader Domitilla Olivieri Second reader Ilse Lazaroms Academic year 2018 – 2019 Study block 4 Date of submission July 4th 2019 Words 15948 1 Abstract In this thesis I research how Jordan Peele’s second award winning film US visually symbolizes and criticizes the contemporary Western fear for the ‘Other’ and ‘us versus them’ mentality. Many films depict ‘us versus them’ dynamics, but hardly ever is this mentality criticized. I argue that US does this by a unique way of portraying the ‘Other’ as identical to the ‘Self’. After discussing the concepts of ‘othering’, fear for the ‘Other’ and ‘us versus them’ mentality through theories from gender/feminist, film/media, and postcolonial academic disciplines (using the 9/11 attacks as the most topical historical event t...