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TMS Service 02VROONG TMS ServiceDelivery Service OperationsIt’s challenging to keep track ofunforeseen accidents, delays, anddamaged freight, especially when a largenumber of orders occur simultaneously. This makes it harder to maintainhigh levels of customer satisfaction, which can negatively impact sales.When it comes to supply chain management, customers commonly encounter two problemsVROONG TMS is...a smart, customizable logistics solution that helpssuppliers to achieve higher productivity and lower cost. The solution also helps monitor delivery operationscomprehensively, and provides performanceanalytics facilitating data-driven decision-making.Our solutionCostManagementHigh transportation costs and additionalexpenses compromise the growth atscale. Without automation and a reliabledispatch system, errors can lead tounforeseen costs, such as fuel costs,unnecessary additional hire, extra routecompletion time, etc. It’s difficult toprovide high level of customer servicewhile keeping ...