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[Webinar] Understanding the Copyright Act 2021 – Part 1 No. of Public CPD Points: 2.5 Practice Area: Intellectual Property Training Level: General 11 March 2022, Friday 2.30pm – 5.10pm This programme is conducted as a live webinar. [Webinar] Understanding the Copyright Act 2021 – Part 1 2 About the Programme The new Singapore Copyright Act 2021, which came into force on 21 November 2021, is a major overhaul of legislation that has been cited as Singapore’s biggest and most comprehensive copyright reform in 30 years. The Singapore Copyright Review Report published by the Ministry of Law and IPOS in January 2019 (which formally kick started the reform process) had contained recommendations on 16 issues, based on 94 formal written submissions and 283 online feedback forms since 2016. The extensive reform contains wide-ranging changes, and impacts almost everyone in Singapore, including creators, authors, businesses, employees, employers, users, schools, etc. The two-part seminar discusses...