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It’s October! The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and Halloween is quickly approaching. Check out the back page for fun Halloween activities and healthy snacks! October 2008 Did the August newsletter inspire you to try freezing vegetables? If you froze any pumpkin, try it in the recipe below. Fresh or canned pumpkin can be used in place of frozen pumpkin, too! SSaasskkaattcchheewwaann MMaasshheedd PPuummppkkiinn Ingredients: 3-4 cups pumpkin, cooked and mashed 1 onion 1 tbs. oil (olive or canola) 1 bell pepper salt and pepper to taste Directions: 1) If using fresh pumpkin, clean one pumpkin and peel it. Bake until soft. Then, mash it with a mixer. OR 2) Re-heat canned, fresh, or thawed (if using frozen) pumpkin in a large saucepan. 3) Thinly slice the onion and pepper. Add to pan with oil and cook until tender. 4) Mix onions and pepper with the mashed pumpkin. 5) Add salt and pepper to taste. "I love fall! Fall is exciting. It's apples and cider. It's an airborne spider. I...