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01. UNDERWATERFOAM EXTRUSIONDIFFERENT RESOLUTION PATTERNSELF-ORGANIZATION ON DIFFERENT CURVATURESPACE INTERACTION WITH USERS02. EMERGENTSURFACES03. SELF-STANDINGSCULPTUREThe aim is to deeply re-interpret the role of the wall in urban environment by enhancing its tangible essence towards new figurative meanings.Expansive foam usually distinguishes most of building practice as an hidden component that fills hollow walls in an amorphous way without really assuming a hierarchical role. The present proposal defines a new foam’s aesthetics inspired by analysis of its material agency and its specific gravity.The research of potential tectonics has focused on self-organization effects derived from depositing polyurethane foam underwater. Material behaviour has led to emergent patterns on water surface as a result of chemical and physical laws. Air-water interface becomes a place where the surfacing system happens, a paradoxical medium where the wall takes form of monolayer heterogeneous system...