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Reduplication and doubling contrasted: implications for the structure of the DP and the AP 9Linguística - Revista de Estudos Linguísticos da Universidade do Porto - Vol. 5 - 2010, pp. 9-251 Many thanks to Susanne Lohrmann and Terje Lohndal for comments and discussion. My researchwas supported by a DFG grant to project C1: The syntax of nominal modification and its interaction withnominal structure in the context of the SFB 732 Incremental Specification in Context at the UniversitätStuttgart.Reduplication and doubling contrasted: implications for thestructure of the DP and the APArtemis Alexiadou [email protected]ät Stuttgart (Germany)ABSTRACT. This paper examines adjectival reduplication in Chinese which iscontrasted with determiner doubling in Germanic. It shows that two superficiallydifferent phenomena in two genetically unrelated languages are sensitive tosimilar properties. Both environments support an analysis of adjectives in termsof restrictive relative cla...