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120Alpega Case StudycegekaTranswide - transport management solution 1Customer ALPEGAIndustry Software for LogisticscegekaTranswide is a leading transport management solution (TMS) for shippers, logistics service providers and carriers. It enables transport professionals to manage the end-to-end execution of transporting goods across the globe. Cegeka’s team integrates with Alpega Group’s internal engineers to develop, test, maintain and extent Transwide – a large, 3-tier, suite of applications which rely on a technology stack consisting of Enterprise Java, Angular and Oracle DB. Company description Project descriptionAlpega Group is a leading global logistics Software Company that offers end to end solutions that cover all transport needs, including Transport Management Services (TMS) and Freight Exchanges. The company provides live visibility over incoming and outgoing logistics and seamlessly links truck drivers and logistics providers with shippers. Alpega Group has 30+ years of exp...