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APPENDIX A 1 Baseline Standard S/N Component Baseline standard Minimum Requirement 1 Building Envelope Design BCA Approved Document a) ETTV shall not exceed 50W/m2 b) For roof with skylight, RTTV shall not exceed 50W/m2 c) For roof without skylight, the average U-value of the gross area of the roof shall not exceed the limit below: Maximum thermal transmittance for roof of air-conditioned building Weight group Weight range (kg/m2) Maximum thermal transmittance (W/m2oK) Light Under 50 0.5 Medium 50 to 230 0.8 Heavy Over 230 1.2 d) All windows on the building envelope shall not exceed the air leakage rates specified in SS 212 – Specification for Aluminium Alloy Windows. e) Where the door opening of any commercial unit is located along the perimeter of the building envelope, that unit shall :- (i) be completely separated from the other parts of the building; and (ii) has its air-conditioning system separated from and independent of the central system. 2 Chiller Efficiency SS530:2006 Minim...