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XIV National TESOL – Ukraine Conference 3 1. COGNITIVE EXPLORATION OF LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS Oksana Anastasieva Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture COGNITIVE ASPECT IN EXPLORATION OF ENGLISH APHORISMS The presentation concerns with the study of cognitive-communicative potential of English aphorisms. An analysis of value-labelled utterances (e.g. aphorisms) is an important element of the conceptual analysis as they convey common sense through the words of their author. So an aphorism is an intersection area of individual and common to all mankind knowledge about the world. From the standpoint of functional approach a concept is regarded as a dynamic substance: both a process and a result of giving a meaning to a language sign in the situation of communication. Discourse is the only medium where concept can exist. А certain type of discourse forms а specific conceptual system which represents an individual mental-informative portrait of the discourse. Being a cross-dis...