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1Sculpture as Fieldwork: IntroductionRowan Bailey and Brigitte JurackSculpture as Fieldwork, a one-day conference hosted by the Henry Moore Institute incollaboration with the School of Art, Design and Architecture (University ofHuddersfield) and Manchester School of Art (Manchester Metropolitan University),took place on Saturday 06 July 2019 at Leeds City Art Gallery. The organisers of theconference, Dr Rowan Bailey and Dr Brigitte Jurack, sought to consider multi-perspectival approaches to ‘fieldwork’ in sculptural thinking and practice. Bringingtogether speakers from a range of disciplines and contexts, the event addressedmatter and environment as resources for artistic investigations. These spaces of andfor sculptural production included underworlds, remote landscapes, extremelocations, invisible and intangible energies.This introductory text to the conference provides an overview and positioningframework for the modes of approach taken by the speakers. The original papersdelivered ...