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100 ways to energise groups:Games to use in workshops, meetings and the community Acknowledgements3Introduction31.Howdy Howdy42.Juggling ball game43.Names and adjectives44.Three truths and a lie45.Connecting eyes46.Match the cards57.Space on my right58.What we have in common59.Who is the leader?510.Who are you?511.What kind of animal?612.Killer wink613.The sun shines on...614.COCONUT615.Body writing616.Names in the air717.Family members718.Who am I?719.As and Bs720.Group statues721.Move to the spot822.Banana game823.Taxi rides824.Fruit salad825.“Prrr” and “Pukutu”826.Dancing on paper927.Tide’s in/tide’s out928.Delhi buses 929.Rabbits930.Port/starboard 1031.I’m going on a trip1032.Find someone wearing... 1033.Touch something blue 1034.Simon says 1035.What has changed? 1136.Birthday graph 1137.Body “tig”1138.Five islands 1139.The animal game 1140.Mime a lie1141.Bring me1242.The king is dead1243.Locomotion 1244.Paper and straws1245.Don’t answer1346.Tug of war1347.Pass the parcel 1348.Fox ...