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10LifeintheDesertsIn Chapter 5, you have seen that water means life toplants, animals and people. It is difficult for anyone tolive in places where there is no water to drink, wherethere is no grass for their cattle to feed on and wherethere is no water to help the crops to grow.We will now learn about the places in the world wherepeople have learned to cope with extreme harshtemperatures; in some places as hot as fire and some ascold as ice. These are the desert areas of the world. Theseare characterised by low rainfall, scanty vegetation andextreme temperatures. Depending on the temperaturesthere can be hot deserts or cold deserts. The peopleinhabit these lands wherever little water is available topractise agriculture.THE HOT DESERT – SAHARALook at the map of the world and thecontinent of Africa. Locate the Saharadesert covering a large part of NorthAfrica. It is the world’s largest desert. Ithas an area of around 8.54 millionsq. km. Do you recall that India has anarea of 3.2 million...