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Michael Byram 122 Intercultural citizenship and foreign language education Michael Byram Durham University Abstract This presentation has three main parts. In part one, in order to set the scene for my main argument, I will present some of the principal ideas in recent European discourse about intercultural dialogue. In the second part, I want to consider the whole question of communication, as it is interestingly formulated in the title of the conference: ‘communiquer avec les langues-cultures’. One of my points here will be to extend the notion of communication to that of ‘interaction’, in order to prepare for the final part of my talk. This third and final part will focus upon the ways in which communication can, and should, lead to action in the world. In other words in the course of my talk I want to emphasise that the contemporary emphasis in the European context on intercultural dialogue, especially during the year 2008 which was designated the year of intercultural dialogue, ha...