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14,946Organisations have signed the Employer's PledgeUpdated as of 31 May 2021OrganisationIndustry"K" Line (Singapore) Pte LtdTransportation and Storage"K" Line Pte LtdTransportation and Storage"K" Line Ship Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Transportation and Storage*Prestiou*S*olution*s* Pte. Ltd.Other Service Activities*Prestiou*S*olution*s*(Starhub Centre) Pte LtdOther Service Activities*Prestiou*S*olution*s*Rendezvous Gallery Private LimitedOther Service Activities*SCAPE Co., Ltd.Health and Social [email protected] Cleaning Pte. Ltd.Administrative and Support Service Activities01 Studio Private LimitedArts, Entertainment and Recreation1 Accounting Pte. Ltd.Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities1 Fusion Logistics Pte. Ltd.Transportation and Storage1 Fusion Telecom Pte. Ltd.Wholesale and Retail Trade1 Play Sports Pte. Ltd.Information and Communications101 Digital Pte. Ltd.Information and Communications108 Media (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Wholesale and Retail Trade118 Coffee Pte....