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OCCASIONAL PAPERS OF THE MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LIZARDS OF THE GENUS GERRHONOTUS FRO31 CHIAPAS, MEXICO So far as me are aware, the meager inaterial on which this report is based comprises all the specimens of the genus Gcrrhonotzis m~hich have been collectecl in the state of Chiapas. Fifteen of the nineteen available specimens are ill the collec- tions of the Museum of Zoology, University of &Iichigan, and four in the Instituto de Biologia of M6xico. Four of the five forms herein recognized are regarded as new to science. I11 allocating these forms to species groups we have followed Smith (1942 : 363-69). THE deppii GROUP Gcrrlzo~zotz~s oclzoteremi Martin del Canipo This form mas clescribed by Martin del Campo (1939 : 357- 59) on the basis of two adults, a male ancl a female. Another adult female from the same locality (Santa Rosa, CoinitBn, Chiapas) was referred to the species fiwzbriat?~~ (1939 : 359). In addition to these three specimells TTe have been perinittecl ...