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+v+v-v-v2134567abcmounting the iPad miniremoving the iPad miniaaaabbbbPuckwall boxfor PuckiPad mini 4 & 5PSU36 mm/1.34"116mm/4.57"125mm/4.92"45 mm/1.77"230 mm/9.06"24 mm/0.94"138 mm/5.43"69 mm/2.72"60 mm/2.36"magnetsmagnetslipopening for microphonescrews forsecurity versiontool(included withsecurity version)wall boxfor Puck110V/230Vopenings for mounting the frameverticalmountinghorizontalmountingverticalmountinghorizontalmounting Removing the iPad mini 1. Remove the Eve cover.2. Place one finger behind the iPad (side with magnets) and another one on the right side of the iPad as shown on drawing 7 (a). 3. Gently pull the iPad out of the frame making sure it cannot fall (b).4. Remove the power connector. Dimensions Eve mini Set: 227 mm/ 8.94" x 138 mm/5.43" x 11 mm/0.43"_Frame: 224 mm /8.82" x 138 mm/5.43" x 11 mm/0.43"Cover: 24 mm/0.94" x 138 mm/5.43" x 11 mm/0.43"Basalte bvbaHundelgemsesteenweg 1a9820 MerelbekeBelgiumtel +32 9 385 78 38fax +32 9 329 66 [email protected]