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August 2014  © APA Office of Healthcare Systems and Financing 2.1 2 NEGOTIATING AN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT After you’ve gone through all the steps described in Chapter 1 and have made a decision about where you want to work and who you want to work with, you’ll need to negotiate a contract for your employment. Even though we recommend that you have a lawyer with a background in healthcare law review any contract before you sign it, it is best if you can do your own negotiating. If your lawyer takes too active a role in your contract negotiations, this can sometimes under-mine the trust you want to build with your future employers and/or colleagues. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS The amount of room for negotiation will vary from employer to employer. Generally speaking, the larger the organization, the more structured the compen-sation package and the less flexible they are in their negotiations. The same is usually true for nonprofit or publicly funded organizations. Decide what you are willing to...