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18 2012 ANNUAL REPORTIt has been a pleasure and a fulfilling experience to be able to represent Land-scape Ontario and our great industry this past year.I have had the opportunity to visit sev-eral Chapters, and hope to visit all the Chapters by the conclusion of my term at the year-end of 2013. I have also had the privilege to repre-sent the association to federal and pro-vincial members of parliament, as well as mayors and regional chairs. I have done my best to enthusiasti-cally tell our story of our great industry and its economic, environ-mental and social impact in improving quality of life. I also had the opportunity to lead a delegation to the Netherlands to receive a sanction to build Flora Niagara in 2017. I cannot begin to tell you how electrified and awed the roomful of sanctioning commit-tee members were when they realized the site for the world garden exhibition will be right next to the falls. I felt so proud to represent you at this meeting. At the beginning of the year...