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IDS Newsletter #2 Page 1 2015 Nepal Earthquakes moved the DORIS station on Everest by a few centimeters Guilhem Moreaux (CLS) On 25 April, 2015, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Rich-ter scale struck central Nepal approx-imately 80 km northwest of the city of Kathmandu. The Gorkha earth-quake, as it was named, was followed by a large number of aftershocks, including one that measured 7.3 on 12 May. Seismicity in the Himalaya Mountains is due to the collision of the India and Eurasia plates, which are converging at a relative rate of 40-50 mm/yr. All these events were also recorded by the DORIS station “EVEB” located at the Everest base camp (70-90 km from the epicenters). Monitoring of the position of the DORIS antenna revealed a sudden change as of 15 April 2015. The off-sets of positions resulting from the earthquakes, in the directions north and east and along the up/down axis are estimated from the updated line-ar displacement model based on the DORIS time series and by...