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OFFICIAL SPONSORSAN EVENT OFHOSTED BYOFFICIAL AUTOMOBILECMYCMMYCYCMYKA5 ad R3 FA with BLEED.pdf 1 22/10/21 3:22 PM 23FESTIVAL PARTNERSFESTIVAL TECHNOLOGY PARTNERPROGRAMME PARTNERSGIFF FILM ACADEMY PARTNERSEducationPartnerAWARD PRESENTERSWEB DESIGNPUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERBRANDING AND DESIGNVENUE PARTNERSCREATIVE PARTNERIN CONJUNCTION WITHFESTIVAL SUPPORTERS CMYCMMYCYCMYKJN21-0381_BMW x SGIFF Partnership 2021_296x210mm_wo Gutter.pdf 1 7/10/21 2:55 PM 67The past year has been challenging for many in the film community. Film productions were delayed, distributors had to postpone releases, and cinemas had to deal with multiple changes in safety restrictions due to the evolving pandemic situation.But it has been heartening to witness the resilience of the community: projects continue to be developed despite the circumstances; distributors and cinemas experiment with new modes of business in order to survive; us checking in with one another so that we can ride out the pandemic together.SGIFF ...