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2022 LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS Not just mulches, but BARK mulches! 100% bark/wood fiber! NO DEMO, LANDCLEARING OR RECYCLED MATERIALS.  Fine Mocha Dark Pine Blend $38.00/yd.  Natural Hemlock $46.00/yd. **Cedar Red Blend (bright-dyed) $42.00/yd. **Black Blend (dyed) $42.00/yd. Wood Chips $16.00/yd. Clean Wood Chips $30.00/yd. **These are pine products with ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE color added. ____________________________________________________  Fine Screened Loam $20.00/yd.  Screened Aged Manure $20.00/yd.  Crushed Stone- 3/8”, ¾”, 1 ¼” $25.00/yd.  Mixed Stone 2”-6” Tail Ends $15.00/yd.  Stone Dust $40.00/yd.  Crushed Concrete 3/8”or 1 ½” $25.00/yd.  Dense Mix Gravel $20.00/yd.  Concrete Sand $25.00/yd.  Sandy Fill $15.00/yd. Delivery Service Fee or Customer Pick up Available Prices are subject to change and are subject to your local taxes To schedule your delivery, call (508)764-6164 * (508)765-0978