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2022UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES The National University of Singapore Faculty of Law(NUS Law) is widely regarded as Asia’s leading lawschool. Staed by an outstanding permanent facultydiverse in origin and qualications, NUS Law isdedicated to building a vibrant community and creatingan environment that facilitates critical thinking andreection on the fundamental legal issues confrontingour interconnected world. Located in Singapore, whichfor more than a century has been a commercial hubat the crossroads of Asia, NUS Law is very much Asia’sGlobal Law School.Since 1957 the School’s curriculum has been infusedwith perspectives from other jurisdictions anddisciplines. This tradition has accelerated in recentyears, providing a legal education that is comparative,international and multidisciplinary. NUS Law hosts manyvisiting faculty and students from every continent,oering a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere both insideand outside the classroom. The strength of the NUSLaw curriculum lies in th...