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#12087285v1A selection of new LEGISLATION AND CASE LAW Sweden, Finland and NorwayXXXIV Nordic Intellectual Property Conference –26-28 August 2018Åsa Krook, Karin Cederlund, Anne Marie Sejersted #12087285v1NEW LEGISLATION NEW LEGISLATION FINLAND•New Trade Secrets Act entered into force on 15 August 2018 •Implementation of EU Trade Secrets Directive•Replaces the provisions for the protection of trade secrets in the Unfair Business Practices Act (595/2018)•New definitions for trade secrets and the lawful and unlawful exploitation thereof•Provisions on the lawful and unlawful acquisition, use, and disclosure of trade secrets•More specific and extensive civil remedies•District courts’ jurisdiction in both civil and criminal proceedings, Market Court’s parallel jurisdiction in civil proceedings where the defendant is an entity (exclusive jurisdiction under the Unfair Competition Act regime)3 PENDING NEW LEGISLATION FINLAND •Draft Government Proposal to new Trademark Act (published 19 March 2...