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When 3D models of designed jewellery were created, itwas necessary to prepare them for 3D printing. Thejewellery was printed with different 3D printing tech-nologies. Most of the jewellery was printed with fuseddeposition modeling technology (FDM), using printer3DJozko and multitool ZMorph 2.0 SX printer. Forpieces with very smooth surfaces the stereolithogra-phy (SLA) was used and printed with Form 2 printer. Atthe end some special jewellery pieces were chosen forprinting with selective laser melting technology, SLM.For this reason we cooperated with company Dentas.Additive manufacturing is increasingly used in thedevelopment of fashion products such as clothing,accessories and jewellery. From a design perspective,the new technology offers designers the freedom tocreate and manufacture things that were otherwisevery difficult to produce using traditional techniques.Master Course at the Fashion and Textile Designincludes the subject which course curriculum involvesteaching the advanced...