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34HORNBILL4. Landscape of the SoulNathalie TrouveroyNotice these expressions in the text.Infer their meaning from the context.•anecdote•illusionistic likeness•delicate realism•conceptual space•figurative paintingA WONDERFUL old tale is told about the painter Wu Daozi, wholived in the eighth century. His last painting was a landscapecommissioned by the Tang Emperor Xuanzong, to decorate apalace wall. The master had hidden his work behind a screen, soonly the Emperor would see it. For a long while, the Emperoradmired the wonderful scene, discovering forests, high mountains,waterfalls, clouds floating in an immense sky, men on hilly paths,birds in flight. “Look, Sire”, said the painter, “in this cave, at thefoot of the mountain, dwells a spirit.” The painter clapped hishands, and the entrance to the cave opened. “The inside is splendid,beyond anything words can convey. Please let me show YourMajesty the way.” The painter entered the cave; but the entranceclosed behind him, and before the ...