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UPSC Civil Services Examination Political Science & International Relations for IAS Prelims and Mains Topic: 44th Amendment of Indian Constitution- Indian Polity Notes What is 44th Amendment in Indian Constitution? 44th Amendment is an act that was introduced into the constitution by 45th Amendment Bill in the year 1978. In 1976, with the introduction of the 42nd Amendment Act, there were various provisions that were amended against the will of the citizens hence, to reverse those changes and safeguard the interests of the nation, 44th Amendment Act was called into action. Similar to the 44th amendment act, there are several other important amendments in the Indian Constitution for UPSC that you may like to read from the linked article for civil services exam preparation. What Changes 44th Amendment made in the Constitution? 44th Amendment made a few changes in the provisions of the constitution. They are given in points below:  Any changes in the basic structure of the constitution c...