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5.0 QUALITY FEATURES IN ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS5.1 PREFABRICATED BATHROOMS 5.2 DRYWALL PARTITIONS 5.0 QUALITY FEATURES IN ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS 5.1 PREFABRICATED BATHROOMS48Prefabrication technology is not new to the construction industry and has been in use for many years. Prefabrication permits components to be assembled in the factory under strict quality control before its installation on site. A prefabricated bathroom that integrates many trades can be employed to achieve consistent and high quality workmanship in a building. This section features prefabricated bathroom systems currently used in private residential projects in Singapore, their advantages and contributions to high build quality. 5.1.1 Prefabricated metal panel wall systemA typical prefabricated bathroom comprises a 100mm thick concrete base slab, four surrounding walls of galvanized metal plates internally, dry wall partition externally and rock-wool insulation infill. It may weigh about 3 tonnes and the full bathro...