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© American Management Association; 1601 Broadway; New York, NY 10019 2575 09/20 American Management Association's 7 Interpersonal Skills of Great Managers Learning Objectives • Describe the Connection Between Effective Management and the Use of Interpersonal Skills • Use Critical Interpersonal Skills Recommended for Various Management Challenges • Practice Active Listening and Feedback Skills with Class Colleagues in Application Exercises • Tailor Responses to the Needs/Preferences of Target Audience(s) Based on Self-Assessments • Apply Conflict Management Skills in Work Situations with Direct Reports and Associates • Employ Motivational/Management Principles and Empathy in Realistic Management Examples • Demonstrate Trust and Motivational Practices in Different Interpersonal Skills Practices • Choose Constructive Responses to On-the-Job Management Encounters Using Conflict Management, Feedback, and Listening Principles Practiced in Class • Discuss Individual Action Plans That Describe...