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1 | Page 迎接变化,创造机遇 Our Mission and Vision The mission of Xinmin Secondary School is to develop our students to their full potential, to inculcate in them sound values, as well as a mindset for excellence, and to nurture them to be responsible and caring members of society. The vision is “Leading Hearts Leading Minds”. At Xinmin, we ignite passion, fuel trailblazers and groom leaders for the global community. Xinmin students are positive role models who are able to connect with others at both the intellectual and emotional level, and are able to influence and spur others to work together, strive to do better and achieve more than what they thought they could. They are ‘Leading Hearts’ as Xinmin students capture and win the hearts of others through their strength of character (resilience, passion, positivity, flexibility and adaptability), sound values (integrity, responsibility and respect), and the conviction to serve (care and willingness to serve). They are ‘Leading Minds’, as they h...