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Registered charity no.1048092 www.magiclanternart.org.uk A Bigger Splash – David Hockney (1967; Tate) https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hockney-a-bigger-splash-t03254 Registered charity no.1048092 www.magiclanternart.org.uk • What kind of place is this? A swimming pool. • Do you think this place is where we are, the UK? Why not? The palm trees make it look like it’s somewhere more exotic – and the fact that it is an outdoors pool. • Are there any people in the painting? If so, where? There must be someone in the water because we can see a splash. Are they still there? Yes – splashes do not last long so if the splash is there then the person is too. • How did they get into the pool? Probably from the diving board. • Can we hear anything? Paintings do not make noise… but that is one of the great things about looking at them. We have to imagine the sound in our heads. So, after “three,” make the noise and action of a big splash. • What is the weather like? How do we know? It must be su...