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A Brief History of TRICSNick Rabbets, Managing Director, TRICS Consortium Limited A Brief History of TRICSBackground of the systemHow TRICS worksGrowth and developmentTRICS surveysTRICS and parking Background of TRICS: OriginsTRICS is the system that validates and challenges assumptions about the transport impacts of new developments.It was formed by a consortium of 7 county councils in the south of England in 1989.The aim was to unify large quantities of transport survey count data into a data retrieval and analysis computer system.Local authorities and transport consultants would then be able to subscribe to the new database.An ongoing programme of additional transport surveys then began to further populate the database. Background of TRICS: The Consortium How TRICS works: Trip rate generationTRICS allows the analysis of trip generation for a wide range of development types (110 Land Use Categories, with over 7,310 Surveys). Users apply selection criteria to surveys withi...